Episode 6: Arash Rahbar's Fate At The Arnold Classic | Arash Rahbar: The New Classic

  • 6 years ago
SEASON FINALE: A complete behind the scenes look at Arash Rahbar competing in the Arnold Classic 2018.

An entire year of training is culminating to this moment. The moment that Arash Rahbar steps back onto the pro bodybuilding stage at the Arnold Classic 2018. His goal: redemption. After not landing the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique title in 2017, Arash is laser focused on becoming a champion. Our cameras follow Arash both on and behind the stage to capture every step of the intense weekend where all bodybuilders strive to find success.

The final week of contest prep is crucial - but the mindset of a competitor during the actual competition can make or break an entire years work of training and dieting. As Arash says it best - stress and anxiety can make your physique collapse. Will Arash buckle under the stress and pressure? And what does the future hold for him post Arnold Classic 2018? Get all of these answers and more in our season finale of Arash Rahbar: The New Classic. Watch it above!

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