Episode 2: The Glory In Suffering For Contest Prep | Arash Rahbar: The New Classic

  • 6 years ago
Arash Rahbar truly comes alive when he's training for a competition.

In general bodybuilding terms, for most competitors there is an off season and an on season. This isn't the same as traditional sports that have a set block of time when the "season" is in session. Instead, off and on season relate specifically to each bodybuilder and the competitions they choose to compete in. Some bodybuilders stay in competition shape year round - but many go through a bulking and cutting phase. They maintain the hard work and training to put on size throughout the year but only put laser focus on cutting down into a shredded conditioning in the months leading up to a competition.

Especially in the final weeks, competition prep can be true suffering. It's when every second of training matters, every gram of food matters, and there is no room for mistakes. Arash Rahbar knows this all too well - but it's a part of his bodybuilding lifestyle when he comes truly alive. In this episode of The New Classic, Arash takes us through his competition prep training, his preparation with his coach, and also his food prep leading up to the Arnold Classic 2018. What does it take to become one of the best Classic Physique competitors in the industry? You're about to find out. Watch the full episode above!

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