Can Arash Rahbar Earn Redemption? | Arash Rahbar: The New Classic Trailer

  • 6 years ago
Arash Rahbar's road to redemption.

ARASH RAHBAR: THE NEW CLASSIC - is an all access docu-series following Arash as he prepares for the Arnold Classic 2018 after placing 4th at the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique. As champion status has alluded him in the Mr. Olympia, can he do what it takes to become the new definition of the ultimate classic physique? Series premiere March 1st and airs every Thursday.

Arash Rahbar is a classic physique bodybuilder with unlimited potential - a competitor that many believed was a shoe in for champion status in the Mr. Olympia Classic Physique. Yet now over 2 years into the new division - Arash has not been able to land the Sandow trophy. The first year showed incredible promise with a second place finish... but in 2017 he slipped down into fourth place.

Now Arash Rahbar is out for one thing - redemption. With his eyes set on the Arnold Classic 2018 competition, Arash is focused on proving to the world that he is and will be the new definition of what the ultimate Classic Physique competitor looks like. In our new docu-series, Arash Rahbar: Thew New Classic, you will get an inside look at the man behind the hard work, training, diet, and competitions. Get unlimited access to what it takes to become a top tier Classic Physique competitor... and an intimate look at the journey of redemption that will in part dictate Arash's future as an athlete. You can get a sneak peek with the trailer above.

Arash Rahbar: The New Classic premieres on Thursday, March 1st - and will air every Thursday only on the Generation Iron Fitness Network.