Episode 5: The Struggle Of Cutting Weight On A Pro Level | Arash Rahbar: The New Classic

  • 6 years ago
The exhaustive challenge of cutting body fat down to 5% or lower.

Cutting down body fat is hard enough for an average person - but to bring down your body fat down towards 5% or lower like a pro bodybuilder? That's a challenge that is a true struggle no matter how many times you do it. In episode 5 of The New Classic, Arash Rahbar is in the final weeks prep before the Arnold Classic 2018 and shows us an inside look of what those last weeks of cutting weight really look like. It's the moment when the heaviest exhaustion kicks in... but that doesn't mean you can slow down on your training.

As the competition looms nearer - Arash becomes laser focused on bringing his best package on the stage. With the help and support of his friends and family, the final hurdle becomes slightly easier to overcome. A true look into how a true support system helps a pro bodybuilder do what he or she does best - train and diet to maximum capacity without falling apart.

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