Episode 3: "My Body Is A Neverending Project" | Arash Rahbar: The New Classic

  • 6 years ago
Arash Rahbar looks back at his bodybuilding and family origins.

It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. This is a statement as old as time. So often is it quoted that it almost loses it's meaning and falls into stereotype - but the fact of the matter is that this statement couldn't be more universally true. It's especially true of bodybuilding. Arash Rahbar may be one of the best Classic Physique competitors currently competing - but that doesn't mean he has "completed" his physique. There is always something that can be improved or some sort of personal imperfection that a bodybuilder may want to change.

In this episode, Arash takes us back through his history of bodybuilding and shows the transformation of his physique through the years. He also meets up with his mother and sister - not only going into his origins as a professional bodybuilder but also as a person and how his past and family has shaped his personality. What kind of person lies behind the muscle and the hard work? What kind of mindset and history creates top tier bodybuilders such as Arash? Watch the full episode above and find out.

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