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USN Athlete & IFBB Pro Ryan Terry's Bodybuilding Prep for the Arnold Classic

Team USN Athlete & IFBB Pro Ryan Terry explains his bodybuilding prep and how it helped him win the men's physique division at the 2017 Arnold Classic.
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| IFBB Pro Ryan Terry Q&A |
1. What did you do differently during this prep? (0:19)
2. What was your biggest physical change? (0:59)
3. What was your peak week strategy? (1:16)
4. What would your advice be to new competitors? (1:58)
5. What are your thoughts on working with a coach? (2:34)
6. What is your number one diet tip? (3:29)
7. What is your number one training tip? (3:54)
8. What is your support system like? (4:36)
9. What are your plans leading up to the Olympia? (5:13)


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| IFBB Pro Ryan Terry |
From being crowned Mr Great Britain in 2010, gaining his IFBB Pro Card and being named the 2017 Men’s Physique Champion at the Arnold Classic, we’ve supported Ryan Terry through his incredible journey.

“In school I participated in teams and represented the school in County championships with Gymnastics, Football, Swimming and Golf and collected over the years many trophies and medals for my achievements. However, it was my fitness training at the gym which I really enjoyed and felt the utmost satisfaction with my results in obtaining a high level of fitness and a good physique. It was whilst waiting for my mum one day at the gym at the age of 13 years old that started my desire to want to train. I can remember looking around the gym at people training and there were a lot of guys pumping iron when I thought this is what I would like to do. Although I admire the body building side of training, for me, training in the gym was more for core fitness and a toned physique.

Although I have trained in the gym since the age of 15 years old I have not really been interested in diet or understood the importance of it until two years ago when I started training with a friend who was extremely knowledgeable about food and nutrition. After a while I contacted a Nutritionist from Foodtech called Ken Roscoe and he took my diet and nutrition to another level, especially during my training for the Mister International event. When I changed my diet I instantly noticed how my energy levels increased and the tone and shape of my physique as well. I struggled initially with the diet but it was only for a short while and the benefits far outweighed any resistance to changing my lifestyle and eating habits. Ken Roscoe was supportive and encouraging during my ‘lows’ of training and kept me focused right up until the event.”

“My advice to anyone looking to change their physique and fitness would be to go for it; if I can do it then I know others can too. I would suggest training with a partner or get a good training schedule which is tailored for your needs. You could also get some useful tips with my DVD on fitness training and tailor your own training program. Nutrition and diet is an important aspect of training, I hope my brief on how I got started in training has inspired you to get started on a better way of life in fitness and training and as a way of keeping you motivated, follow my links at the fitness gyms in my home town, Ireland and across the globe in Singapore.”


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