N. Korea's destruction of inter-Korean liaison office prompts quick response from related parties

4 years ago
북한, 연락사무소 폭파에 대한 中,日,러 반응

Following North Korea's destruction of the inter-Korean liaison office, neighboring powerhouses - China, Japan, and Russia - have responded to the latest developments on the Korean Peninsula.
The countries stressed that they are cooperating closely with related parties to monitor the situation.
Kim Hyo-sun reports.
North Korea's latest military provocation, coming on the heels of escalated inter-Korean tensions,... has prompted neighboring countries to respond swiftly.
China's foreign ministry stressed Tuesday that peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula are crucial.
"North and South Korea are of the same people. As a close neighbor, China has always hoped that the Korean Peninsula maintain peace and stability."
Beijing, however, did not comment further on Pyeongyang's denotation of the inter-Korean liaison office.
Chinese media outlets also reported on the latest developments, citing Seoul's unification ministry as well as the North's state-run media.
Some 30 minutes after the regime's bombing,... the Japanese government also released its official stance,... with its Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga highlighting close cooperation among Tokyo, Seoul and Washington.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe also said he will be watching the situation closely.
"I am aware of the explosion by North Korea. On North and South Korean relations, we hope tensions will not rise further. We will firmly and closely coordinate with South Korea and the United States, to analyze information and to deal with the situation."
The heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula also caused concerns in Moscow.
The Kremlin called for restraint from all parties.
"We, of course, are closely monitoring what is happening on the Korean peninsula. It elicits concern, of course. We call for restraint from all parties. At the moment, there are no particular plans to carry out high-level and highest-level contacts."
Russian media outlets also covered the North's military provocation as breaking news,... and also cited Pyeongyang's official Korean Central News Agency's report which explained the regime destroyed the liaison office in a "terrific explosion."
Kim Hyo-sun, Arirang News.