S. Korean population declined in 2020 for first time on low birthrate

  • 3 years ago
지난해 사상 첫 인구감소…출생아수 30만명 무너졌다

South Korea's population, as had been predicted to happen for decades, started to shrink last year... as a record-low number of births was outpaced by deaths.
According to the Ministry of Interior and Safety, as of December 31st, the population was at just over 51-million-829-thousand a decline from a year earlier of around 20-thousand 800.
Births were down 10-point-65 percent... to under 276-thousand... while deaths rose to nearly 308-thousand,... an increase of 3-point-1 percent.
For one thing, the decline in births was accompanied by a decrease in new marriages both believed to be partyl related to the pandemic.
In South Korea, people 60 and older last year made up 24 percent of the population.