Bitcoin price passes new milestone of US$ 34,000

  • 3 years ago
비트코인 가격 3천500만원 넘어서며 사상 최고가 기록

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin, considered the sector's benchmark, has been reaching new highs on this Sunday above 34-thousand U.S. dollars, around double its peak in the big rally three years ago.
Investors have been drawn to Bitcoin as the U.S. dollar weakens, and with the Federal Reserve likely to keep interest rates near zero for serveral more years.
Also, it got a boost last year from PayPal deciding to accept Bitcoin for online payments and let users buy, sell and hold cryptocurrencies.
From a year ago, the virtual currency is up well over 300 percent.
But it's famously volatile, having plunged in March along with global stocks to under 5-thousand dollars.