Imports of Japanese ICT products to S. Korea down 11.4% y/y in H1 amid trade row

  • 5 years ago
올해 1∼6월 일본 정보통신기술 제품 수입액 11.4% 감소

South Korea's imports of high-tech products from Japan are declining,... a trend that's expected to become even more pronounced amid Tokyo's export curbs.
Seoul's Ministry of Science and ICT said Tuesday that ICT imports from Japan were down 11-point-4 percent on-year in the first half of 2019, totaling just over 4-point-8-billion U.S. dollars.
Japan's share of Korea's ICT imports was also down one-point-two percentage points from last year... when it was at ten percent the market.
South Korea's ICT exports to Japan over the same period were down 8-and-a-half percent to roughly 2-billion dollars.