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3 years ago

Amazing facts of Nava Dwaraka Temples | Lord Krishna's Nine Temples in Dwaraka | Artha

Amazing facts of Nava Dwaraka Temples
According to the ancient facts, the city-state of Dwarka initially extended up to Bet Dwarka (Sankhodhara) in the north and Okhamadhi in the south. It is the foremost pilgrimage hub and it is believed that there are nine doors “Nava Dwarka” that need to be entered to complete your course. In this video, we are listing out all the nine temples and stating a few facts about it.

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1 The city-state of Dwarka was constructed by Lord Krishna that extended from Bet Dwarka (Sankhodhara) till Okhamadhi.

2 There is a set of nine temples in Dwarka which are collectively considered as “Nava Dwarka”.

3 The main temple in the list is Dwarakadhisa or Jagat Mandir. It has two entrances called Moksha Dwar and Swarga Dwar.

4 Rukmani Dwarka is a small temple with exclusively carved pillars and sculptures.

5 Few small shrines are found on the bank of the Gomti river, which people refer to as Gomti Dwarka.

6 Bet Dwarka or Shankhodhar is an island with several small shrines that are adorned with images of Krishna and Lakshmi Narayan.

7 Sudhama Dwarka is where Lord Krishna's dear friend Sudhama lived and hence it is revered by Vaishnavas.

8 Moola Dwarka is identified as the spot where Krishna first set his foot on arriving at Dwaraka.

9 Nathdwara or Srinathji Dwarka is the main seat of the Pustimarg Vaishnava sect, founded by Vallabhacharya.

10 The Tirtha spot where Lord Krishna was ' last seen' is so called as 'Mukti Dwarka'.

11 The other two temples are namely Kankroli Dwarka and Dakore or Dakur Dwarka.

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