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2 years ago

With e-scooter rules to be eased, riders urged to use caution

Arirang News
Arirang News
전동킥보드로 보행자 치면 5년 이하 징역•2천만원 이하 벌금

The police in South Korea are urging people to be careful when riding electric scooters... with the rules on riding them set to be eased next month.
From December 10th, the age for riding e-scooters will be lowered to 13, and you won't have to wear a helmet.
Until now, riders had to be at least 16, wear a helmet, and have a motorcycle license.
The new rules, however, also require scooters to be ridden either on bicycle paths or on the right edge of the road, and if you hit a pedestrian, you could face up to five years in prison... or a fine of 20 million won, which is almost 18-thousand U.S. dollars.