Choosing An English Teaching Job in China - Intermediate Chinese Listening | Chinese Conversation

  • 6 years ago
Chinese listening intermediate - Intermediate Chinese listing practice - Chinese conversation - Chinese conversation intermediate - Intermediate Chinese conversation

Are you thinking of looking for an English teaching job in China but are not really sure what are the important points to consider before choosing an English teaching job? Eileen will very thoroughly discuss all the important points to think about when making this important decision. If you choose wisely, you will love teaching in China! If you don't carefully consider the points Eileen mentions, you might hate having come to China to teach English! This video is great for Mandarin students wanting to learn job-related vocabulary as well as ANYONE who is interested in finding out more on how to choose a suitable English teaching job in China. PDF transcript for this video can be downloaded FREE at

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Eileen speaks in a slow, clear voice and the new Mandarin Corner format with literal translations and super clear subtitles makes studying on smartphones super easy and effective!