Chinese Reading Practice - Phone Addiction In China - With Pinyin & Slow Oral Reading

  • 6 years ago
Our new Chinese Reading Practice Program begins with Phone Addiction In China, a commentary by Eileen on the pervasive influence of smartphones on Chinese society, especially on young people. This video program encourages the student to pause the screen to attempt to read the Chinese characters (hanzi) without pinyin or audio, then proceeds to provide pinyin, literal translations and slow oral reading to facilitate getting used to reading Chinese. The large hanzi made reading easy, even on small smartphone screens. A unique feature of this program is that every hanzi that appears in the story, is provided in flashcard format so the student can drill the Chinese characters before attempting repeated reading of the content. Another unique feature is that we provide free download of the video transcript PDF, audio and video (for offline study) at The audio available on the website is provided WITHOUT pauses so it can serve as listening practice.

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