Learn Chinese Through Songs / Song 1 - Intermediate Chinese Listening | Chinese Conversation

  • 6 years ago
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Learn Chinese by Listening to The Story Behind a Song.

This is a great video for Chinese listening practice and to learn real Chinese conversation. The video has both, Chinese characters and Pinyin subtitles.

Eileen will introduce a simple classic Chinese song by singing it and playing the guitar (sort of! :)!) She will then tell you a story behind the song so you can practice your Chinese listening and learn new Chinese vocabulary. One unique feature of this series is that we will provide (on screen) a literal translation of what is being said. This should help students greatly to understand every single word that is being said.

The first video in this series features a love song about an actor and a Qinghai beauty.

Download this video's free PDF transcript and Audio files at http://mandarincorner.org

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