What Kind of Guys Do Chinese Girls Like? | Chinese Conversation | Intermediate Chinese Listening

  • 6 years ago
Intermediate Chinese Listening Practice - Chinese Conversation - Real Chinese - Chinese Street Interview - HSK 4 level - Chinese listening - Chinese Conversation Intermediate - Intermediate Chinese

Eileen does a street interview to find out what kind of guys do Chinese girls like - especially regarding the following factors:
1. Appearance
2. Personality
3. Smoking
4. Age
5. Is marriage the dating goal?
6. Financial Situation
7. Mother-in-law Relationship
8. What if parents disapprove of the boyfriend?

Learn real spoken Chinese by listening to Chinese young people expressing their opinions in our comprehensive street interviews! Video has pinyin subtitles. Good Chinese listening practice video to get use to real spoken chinese.

Download this video's PDF at http://mandarincorner.org under the "Expressing Opinions In Chinese" playlist

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