Plastic Surgery in China - Intermediate Chinese Listening | Slow Chinese | Chinese Conversation

  • 6 years ago
Intermediate Chinese Conversation - Intermediate Chinese Listening Practice - HSK level 3 Listening - HSK level 4 Listening - Chinese Intermediate - Chinese Listening Intermediate. The slow Chinese will help you understand more, faster.

China is the country with the 3rd largest number of plastic surgery in the world. Why do so many Chinese get plastic surgery? What type of plastic surgery do they get and what does Chinese society think of people that get plastic surgery. In this video, Eileen discuss this Chinese phenomenon in slow and clear Chinese to help Mandarin students who want to become intermediates. English and pinyin subtitles are provided to help with comprehension. Get used to listening to real Chinese - not textbook conversations. Video serves as a great Chinese listening practice.

Download this video's PDF at under the "Issues In Chinese Society" playlist

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