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5 years ago

Dumpster pool at Philadelphia block party triggers city-wide crackdown on abusers - TomoNews

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TomoNews US
PHILADELPHIA — A few guys in Philly hosted the annual Cedar Street Block Party over the weekend. To beat the heat, they rented a large waste disposal unit, filled it up with a lot of water, and created a dumpster pool.

Here are the steps to creating a dumpster pool:

Step 1: Once you have the dumpster, station it near a fire hydrant. Before doing anything, the bin must be power washed, on account of it usually being used for containing waste.

Step 2: Line the bottom of the bin with plywood to create a pool floor.

Step 3: Apply a few tarps to create a protective lining throughout the dumpster.

Step 4: For safety, use something soft and spongy, like pool noodles, and cushion the corners of the pool.

Step 5: Get a proper wrench, unscrew the fire hydrant, get a proper hose, and fill up the tank. Then grab your swimsuit, inflatable pool toys, and some friends, and you’re ready to hit the pool!

Before bringing a dumpster pool to life, it’s important to acquire the necessary permits from the city. Following the Cedar Street Block Party, Philadelphia’s Department of Licenses and Inspections issued a stern warning to anyone illegally using fire hydrants and dumpsters, stating that fire hydrants are in place in case of a fire, and that waste disposal units are unsanitary.

Cedar Street will no longer be issued permits to host their annual block party.

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