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5 years ago

Barnacle windshield blockers might be replacing clunky parking boots - TomoNews

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
NEW YORK — Philadelphia and Fort Lauderdale are trying out a new alternative to the parking boot.

Jamming a wheel to force a driver to confront unpaid parking fines may have been the norm for a long time, but clunky parking boots are a hassle to deal with, both for traffic enforcers and car owners.

Fox News reports that the task could prove easier with a new parking enforcement device called the Barnacle, a lightweight plastic device that immobilizes a car by blocking the driver’s line of sight. The Barnacle comes equipped with two commercial-grade suction cups that allow it to latch on to car windshields, and is attached in place using a pump and lock.

Secured by over 750 pounds of force, the Barnacle is virtually impossible to pry off. It’s also sensitive to movement, and sounds an alarm when a car is used while it’s still attached.

To safely remove it, drivers pay their parking fines over the phone, and are given a code to release the device.

They then have 24 hours to return the Barnacle to the parking authority, or risk being charged with an additional fine.