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5 years ago

Political correctness gone wrong: SJW abuses Lyft driver for ‘racist’ dashboard hula doll - TomoNews

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
LOS ANGELES — A video of a woman berating a Lyft driver for his Hawaiian bobblehead doll has gone viral, with netizens collectively cringing at the woman’s craziness.

The footage of the incident begins with Annaliese Nielsen — a Los Angeles socialite and founder of an exclusive digital sorority called “Girls’ Night In” — filming as she berates the unnamed driver for what she calls his racist hula doll.

She proceeds to ask him if he didn’t think about the pillaging of the “continent of Hawaii,” immediately assuming he’s white. The driver tells her he’s actually Asian.

Nielsen asks the driver to remove the doll, saying it is offensive to her, but the driver refuses. She then starts aggressively criticizing him, threatening to send the video to Gawker and turn him into an internet meme.

Eventually, the driver decides to boot Nielsen out of his car after she calls him names. She ends up standing on a freeway as the car drives away from her.

The five-minute-long video was first posted by libertarian activist Lauren Southern on YouTube, who claims she received it anonymously.

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