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Choosing Location - Growing Weed Grow Rooms - How To Grow Weed - 17

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When growing outside, choosing a location may prove to be the most important decision you face for your plants. You will need to choose an area that replicates the climate your plants want to be in. Your may be limited in your choice of strains by the climate you’re growing in. The genetics of the plants must be suitable for the outdoor environment you’ve chosen. Consult your seed supplier about the suitability of strains for your environment. Also you will want to have access to a water supply, keep that in mind when scouting locations.

When growing outdoors, make sure that your location respects the South Aspect. For an audience in the Northern Hemisphere, this means that the primary exposure of your crop should be south-facing. In doing so, your plants will stay within the arc of the sun during daylight ours and have as much light as possible.

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