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Security - Marijuana Growing Grow Rooms - Setup, Security & Safety - 8

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When growing outdoors there are a number of security measures you can take against animal and human intrusion on your crops. As mentioned, cover can be very important for avoiding unwanted visitors. Try to match the natural foliage around your plants to what a marijuana plant would grow in naturally. Keep in mind that plants with similar colours, height, width, and girth to a marijuana plant make for great neighbours. This reduces the chance of drawing human attention. Again, plant coverage at the expense of light is not worth it.

There are a number of deterrents you can use to keep away humans and animals. Surrounding your plants with poison ivy or thorn bushes can be extremely effective. Also the more remote of a location the better; crossing rivers, valleys, and embarking on long hikes all reduce the chances that someone may accidentally stumble upon your crop.

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