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10 years ago

Outdoor Watering - Marijuana Growing Outdoors - Watering Weed Plants - 19

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Carefully monitoring and treating your outdoor water is critical to keeping your plants healthy. Since you’re outdoors pay close attention your water for its acidity and any pathogens present in the water. Keep water in mind when choosing a location.

Test your water’s acidity as natural water sources can vary greatly in their ph levels. Ponds and stagnant water tend to be more acidic, while free-flowing streams and creeks tend to be more basic. Use litmus paper or, better yet, a digital ph meter to find the ph level of your water source. Bring a “ph-up” onto location to manipulate the ph of your water to the desirable levels. Litmus paper, ph meters, and “ph-up’s” are all easily purchased from your local gardening or hardware store.

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