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Harvesting - Harvesting Marijuana - When To Harvest Weed Marijuana Growing - 6

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As your plants near the end of their lifecycle and are preparing to die, they are ready to be harvested. As mentioned this will be evident by the the tricomes, or crystals, beginning to change color from clear to milky white or amber. Likewise, this information should be available from your seed supplier. Because of the flushing period during the last one to two weeks of the plants life, you may also begin to see discoloration of some of the older leaves. Do not be alarmed this is a natural reaction of the plant similar to how deciduous trees change color in the fall.

Once you are ready to harvest you will need the following tools: large scissors strong enough to cut the stock of the plant, a pair of regular scissors or specialized trimmers to cut the smaller leaves from around the bud, and string, yarn, or clips for hanging the plants upside-down.

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