"I love my face tattoo – strangers say I look like a thug and I’m a bad parent"x
  • 4 months ago
Credit: SWNS / Katie Taylor

A mum who got a face tattoo to honour her daughter says trolls claim the inking makes her a “bad parent” – but she doesn’t regret it.

Katie Taylor, 27, has been getting tattoos since she was 18 and wanted a special one to always reminded her of her two-year-old daughter.

She wanted it on her face so she could “constantly see it” and chose to get a rose – as a nod to her daughter’s middle name.

The stay-at-home mum spent £80 on the tattoo – which sits to the side of her left ear – and took an hour to complete.

Trolls have told Katie her tattoos make her “bad parent” and a “thug” but she doesn’t care and said her little girl “loves it”.