I'm Called A 'Bad Mum' Because I'm Covered In Tatts | MY EXTRAORDINARY FAMILY

  • 3 years ago
BECKY HOLT has been dubbed Britain’s most tattooed woman, with approximately 80% of her body covered in tattoos. The inked model and influencer is now a mother to seven-month-old Aurora Forrest, and her critics out there aren’t shy in passing judgement. Becky told Truly: “I have been called a bad mother because of my tattoos and that my daughter will be embarrassed of me when she’s older." It’s not just the haters that think Becky has gone too far with her look. Even some of Becky's friends and family members think she needs to stop getting any more modifications. Despite their concerns, Becky has wanted to get her tongue split for years and she is determined to do as she pleases, being a mother or not. Today, she is meeting her younger brother Toby, who is especially against her plans of getting any more body modifications. How will he react to Becky’s latest plans?