My Face Tatts Don't Make Me A Bad Mum | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  • 2 years ago
A MUM, who is 78% covered in tattoos, says that her body ink is her way of expressing her creative side. Valerie, 34, from San Diego, CA, got her first tattoo when she was 14 years old and now has dozens of designs covering her body - including nine tattoos on her face. The mum of two is a painter herself and sees her tattoos as an expression of art. But her tattoos, especially those on her face, have attracted a lot of negative attention; Valerie gets judgement from online trolls and strangers when she is out and about, with people often saying she is not setting the best example to her three-year-old and 15-year-old sons. However, Valerie is proud of her tattoos and is determined to carry on with more ink on her body - including her face. Valerie told Truly: “I would describe my look like a modern-day Harley Quinn. It’s a look I am comfortable with. It's the way that I express myself.”

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