My Eyeball Tattoos Blinded Me – And I Don’t Regret It | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  • 5 years ago
A 24-YEAR-OLD woman is so dedicated to her extreme look that she had her eyeballs tattooed blue and was blinded for three weeks. Amber Luke, from Brisbane, Australia, has gone from 0 to over 200 tattoos in under seven years and has even had her eyeballs tattooed bright blue and tongue split. She was diagnosed with diagnosed with severe clinical depression at just 15 years old. But the model got her first tattoo done at the age of 16 and claims it felt like “a release of negative energy” for her. Since then she hasn’t stopped and has recently started getting body modifications such as a breast augmentation and plans a Brazilian butt lift. Now, her aim is to be 100% covered in tattoos by the time she is 25.