I'm 98% Covered In Tatts - Now I Respond To My Trolls | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

  • 2 years ago
ETHAN Bramble, 25, from Queensland Australia is a famous face in the tattoo community. Ethan has 98% full tattoo coverage across his body, including his eyeballs, as well as a number of extreme body modifications including pointed ears and a split tongue. Ethan's extreme look has acquired him a huge online following and it garners both admiration and controversy online. In this video Ethan reacts to some of his meanest DMs, and we hear how he deals with online trolls. He has been called a "freak show", "evil", and told he needs to seek the help of a psychologist. Despite the online abuse Ethan receives, he knows how to handle online hate and remains to be proud of his alternative look.