A Loop Hike From Teno Alto And Unique Views And Moon Landscapes - TENERIFE

  • 8 months ago
Tenerife is loaded with unique hikes and this one is maybe one of our favorite ones. We started this loop hike in Teno Alto, a small little town high up in the Teno Mountains.

We parked the car, had a quick coffee at one of the restaurants while warming ourselves in the morning sun, before we set out for the hike - which turned out to be ... rather long.

We loved this hike because of the ever changing landscapes, right after we left Teno Alto we walked through a moon landscape similar to the one we saw near Vilaflor: https://tenerife.for91days.com/paisaje-lunar-vilaflor-tenerife/

Then we walked a bit on the high plateau before you decent down to sea level through a canyon, probably the most spectacular bit of the hike. Before we set out again to climb back up to Teno Alto.

Read all about our time on this Island on our Tenerife Travel Blog: https://tenerife.for91days.com/paisaje-lunar-vilaflor-tenerife/

This video was recorded with this camera: https://for91days.com/go/gimbal19 (Affiliate Link)