A Private Capitol Tour in Washington DC

  • 6 months ago
We began our three-week journey in Washington DC with an exclusive tour of the Capitol building. The tour started at one of the Senate edifices and led us through subterranean tunnels, offering a unique perspective on the inner workings of the Capitol. We also hopped aboard the Capitol Subway Trains, which added an unexpected and delightful element to our tour:


The Capitol left an indelible impression on us. During our visit, we had the privilege of seeing the historic Supreme Court, exploring the iconic Rotunda, and observing the House and Senate in action during their sessions. Although filming was restricted, being in such hallowed political halls was electrifying.

Further delving into the Capitol's history revealed fascinating details. The Capitol stands as a symbol of democratic governance, intricately linked to the nation's evolution. The construction of the Capitol mirrors the growth and changes in the United States over the centuries. It was built in several phases. The Capitol encapsulates a rich narrative of legislative debates, historical events, and the tireless efforts of individuals who have shaped the nation's course within its walls. Its grandeur is visible, but its significance goes beyond that. Our visit to the legislative building was profound and enlightening. The building is an architectural marvel that embodies the nation's democratic ideals.