Golden Line Bangkok - Automated People Mover

  • 6 months ago
As we explored Bangkok's diverse transportation options, the Gold Line automated people mover emerged as a compelling addition to our itinerary. Our destination for the day was the famous Iconsiam shopping mall, and realizing that the Gold Line seamlessly connected to it, we decided to take an impromptu ride.

For a nominal fare of 15 baht, the 1.8 km journey (with plans for a future one-kilometer extension) unfolded over three stations. While the experience was exhilarating, it left us wishing for a slightly faster pace as we traveled through elevated terraces.

To capture the essence of the ride, I couldn't resist speeding up the video playback a bit. The Iconsiam Mall, at the center of this adventure, was a testament to Bangkok's vibrant and modern shopping scene, offering a diverse array of retail and entertainment options within its bustling precincts.

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