Come Hike With Us From Afur to Taganana - Tenerife Travel Blog - Jaw Dropping Landscapes of Anaga

  • 10 months ago
The hike from Afur to Taganana in the Anaga Park was one of the first hikes we did on Tenerife and looking back at, it was also one of our favorite hikes. Just the drive down to Afur from Las Mercedes was breathtaking. Once parked we strapped on our hiking boots and continued the well marked path to the coast, from there we went above the cliffs to Taganana and then over a pass down to Afur again

It wasn't an easy hike but the views totally made up for the rough inclines. After the hike we knew it was a good decision to stay near the Anaga park and to make Las Mercedes our home for our For91days on Tenerife.

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