Editorial With Sujit Nair Sisodia Arrest- Are Laws Only Meant For Opposition
  • last year
Today, AAP workers and leaders across the country are staging protest against the arrest of Delhi DyCM Manish Sisodia. In some cities protests took a violent turn with protestors clashing with police officials and breaking down the barricades. In Mumbai several AAP workers were detained for at least 25 minutes.
The protest comes in the wake of arrest of Manish Sisodia on Sunday by CBI in Delhi Liquor policy case. He was called for questioning by the agency. Around 11.15 AM, Sisodia appeared before the CBI, but not before some show of strength. Ahead of his CBI questioning, pictures of him spending time with his mother on Sunday were shared on social media, He then went to Rajghat and also told his supporters to care care of his family, as he expected to be in Jail for 7-8 months. He reached the CBI office amid crowd of supporters and party workers.
In this episode of the Editorial, our Managing Editor Mr Sujit Nair shares his take on the matter.

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Why Delhi DyCM Manish Sisodia's Arrest Is Double Trouble For Arvind Kejriwal?

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