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Editorial with Sujit Nair: Manipur still hurting | PM Modi | Congress | Gaurav Gogoi | N Biren Singh

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In this editorial episode, Mr. Sujit Nair discusses the ongoing violence in Manipur. Today, hundreds of students in Imphal, the capital of Manipur, took to the streets to protest against the brutal murder of two underage students, presumably by armed individuals, and demanded justice for the victims.

The students attempted to march towards the residence of Chief Minister N Biren Singh, but security forces used tear gas shells and smoke bombs to disperse the crowd, resulting in several students getting injured. They were promptly taken to the hospital for medical attention.

This outrage occurred after images of the two students' lifeless bodies became viral on social media, shortly after mobile internet services were restored in the state following a nearly five-month ban. These two students had gone missing on July 6 during a period of ethnic conflict in the state, and it is suspected that they were killed.

The photographs depict the two students, a 17-year-old girl and a boy of the same age, sitting in the grassy area of what seems to be an improvised jungle camp of an armed group. The girl is seen wearing a white t-shirt, while the boy, carrying a backpack and wearing a checked shirt, is gazing ahead. In the background, two men holding guns are clearly visible. In the subsequent picture, their lifeless bodies are seen lying on the ground.

There are also investigations underway regarding allegations of rape prior to the minors' murders, according to sources informed by NDTV.

Meanwhile, the Manipur government has urged the public to exercise restraint and allow the authorities to conduct an investigation into the kidnapping and murder of the two students. In a statement issued by Chief Minister N Biren Singh's office late on Monday night, it was announced that the case has already been handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

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