Laffland Dark Ride (Sylvan Beach Amusement Park - Sylvan Beach, NY) - Dark Ride POV Experience - Front Row

  • 2 years ago
Laffland is a Tracked Dark Ride built by US manufacturer Pretzel Company currently located at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park in Sylvan Beach, New York, USA.

The Laffland ride is one of only a few scary 'dark rides' left in America, at Sylvan Beach Amusement Park in Sylvan Beach, N.Y.

Laffland may be an amusement park antique, but it is also a bright hope at an old resort. Unlike 80-mile-an-hour extreme roller coasters with stomach-wrenching drops, the cars at Laffland travel slowly, on creaky old rails. The "stunts," or scary stuff, seem tame by the standards of today's bloody, computer-generated movie or fun house fare.

Yet the ride is quietly becoming world-famous, adding to crowds that already surpass 100,000 every season at the throwback amusement park. "I've had people from England, Australia and Canada," said Sue O'Herien, who takes tickets at Laffland - one time through costs $2.25 - while listening to a scratchy loudspeaker that broadcasts the screams of those inside. "They ride it again and again and again. They just think that it's the greatest thing."