Fast & Furious: Supercharged Dark Ride (Universal Studios Theme Park - Orlando, FL) - Dark Ride POV Experience - Worst Ride at Universal Studios

  • 2 years ago
Yes, this is the worst dark ride I've ever experienced. Notice how many times they mention turning off your cell phones on this ride -- in an attempt to hide the shame. This is a garbage attraction, but I figured I would post of video of it before it gets scrapped. It really should get scrapped.

Fast & Furious: Supercharged is an attraction at Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Florida and was cancelled at Universal Studios Beijing. The attraction is based on the Fast & Furious film franchise, which features Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez and Tyrese Gibson. The Hollywood version, opened on June 25, 2015 as part of the Studio Tour. The Florida version of the ride, which opened on April 23, 2018, features Ludacris and Jordana Brewster in the pre-show of the attraction.

While the Hollywood version received mixed reviews, the Florida location was met with largely negative reception from guests and critics. Most of the complaints were focused on Supercharged being the third new screen-based attraction to open in recent years. When comparing the Florida version to the original Hollywood attraction reviewers have commented that it lacks 3D and any serious motion, leading to the conclusion that the Florida attraction is a step down from the Disaster! attraction that it replaced. Reviews of the park as a whole repeatedly comment that the ride is one to miss. During an interview session at the IAAPA Expo 2021 regarding the creation of The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man, Universal Creative Senior Vice President and CCO Thierry Coup admitted the approval of the Florida attraction to be the "biggest mistake of [his] career".