Snorri Touren Dark Ride (Europa Park Theme Park - Rust, Germany) - 4K Dark Ride POV Experience Video
  • 2 years ago
In the new themed ride, the cheeky octopus Snorri takes you to the mysterious island of Rulantica and shows you his home there. Get ready for an adventurous journey, because there is a lot to explore! Even in the waiting area before the trip you will discover all kinds of special things such as Viking helmets, antique diving accessories or figureheads. Afterwards, you will start the expedition in the fantastic world of Rulantica in an inflatable boat and see the different, themed areas of this magical island. Your tour starts at the Trølldal, where the trolls have a big party and Snorri plays the drums. Afterwards you will discover a colourful underwater world, in which the sea creatures curiously swim around the boats of the visitors. At the end of the tour you will get to know the sea serpent Svalgur, which seems to freeze to ice. Immerse yourself from now on into the mystical world of ‘Rulantica’ and go on a tour with Snorri.