Submarine Quest "Dark Ride" (Sea World San Diego) - Infamous Theme Park Ride Scrapped After 6 Months - Dark Ride POV Experience

  • 2 years ago
Often considered the worst theme park ride ever built. It was a poorly conceived ride that was supposed to mimic an underwater submarine voyage -- by being an elevated tram ride the operated nearly entirely outside. The CEO of Sea World resigned shortly after this debacle was scrapped (the ride was only open about 6 months).

Submarine Quest opened in June 2017, as the centerpiece of the San Diego park's Ocean Explorer kiddie land. It closed at the end of the summer and hasn't reopened since. The ride didn't exhibit any of the live animals that SeaWorld's best known for, relying instead on glitchy video screens to depict sea life. Each open-air submarine car (again, what the...?) included touch screens for a gaming element that was next to impossible to see, thanks to the glare from being an outdoor ride.