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Jayson Tatum on Celtics Hot Streak

CLNS Media Sports Network
CLNS Media Sports Network
Jayson Tatum was interviewed after the Celtics’ practice on April 21. He talked about the team’s solid stretch as of late, helping Evan Fournier in dealing with COVID, and talking to his son, Deuce, about real-life issues.
The Celtics are 8-2 in their last ten games. Tatum commented on why he thinks the team has been performing so well lately. “I think we’ve just been more connected for longer periods of time during the game,” said Tatum. “Hopefully we continue to carry this on throughout the regular season and just getting ready for the playoffs.”
Tatum had COVID earlier this season and was asked if he has been helping teammate Evan Fournier deal with it through his recovery. “I’ve talked to him quite a bit about it,” he said. “He knows I’m here for anything.”
Lastly, Tatum was asked about the recent verdict in the George Floyd trial where Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all three accounts. He was asked specifically about how being a father has affected his views on these issues and how to deal with them. “This is all new to me, the parenting thing,” he said. “I understand the feeling of wanting him to be safe at all times.”

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