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At least 33 countries report UK-linked coronavirus variant

Arirang News
Arirang News
영국발 변이 코로나바이러스 최소 33개국에서 발견

At least 33 countries have detected COVID-19 cases linked to the mutated variant first identified in the UK.
Turkey is the most recent country, reporting 15 such cases.
In the U.S. on Thursday, Florida became the third state to detect the variant, following California and Colorado.
The rapid circulation of the variant has prompted the Philippines to expand its travel ban,.. to Britain and 18 others... including the U.S.
The UK-linked variant is known to be up to 70 percent more infectious.
Another strain that first emerged in South Africa,... has now been found in at least six countries, including Switzerland, Finland, Australia, and France.
Concerns continue to grow as yet another strain was detected in Nigeria.
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