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10 months ago

Utah monolith: Has the mysterious metal object disappeared?

Arirang News
Arirang News
美사막 3.6m 정체불명의 금속기둥•••발견 9일만에 사라졌다

A mysterious metal monolith discovered in the desert in the U.S. has now disappeared.
The rectangle object was first spotted last week,... by public officials in Utah.
They shared the image online without disclosing the exact location,... worrying people could get lost searching for it.
But the image went viral,... sparking dozens of people to visit the site.
"All right, y'all wanted the magnet test, so I didn't bring a strong one but that's sticking. Ok, those are the attempts. And then, let's see. So, is it solid? Not solid. Sounds a little bit like a cardboard box..."
Utah officials speculate that the object was the work of "some new wave artist".
But they say,... it has since been removed by 'an unknown party'.