People in S. Korea making smart changes to improve remote working amid COVID-19 resurgence

3 years ago
코로나 재택근무 2번째 일상,...시행착오 줄이는 직장인들

Remote working was a new challenge for many people back in March,... when companies first adopted the system.
But now that working from home has returned with the resurgence of COVID-19, people seem have made some smart changes to increase their efficiency.
Lee Kyung-eun looks at some of them.
Back to working from home,... but people are better prepared this time.
To start the day in the right frame of mind,... people act as though they are actually heading into the office.
"Last time, I would just work straight from getting up, still in my pajamas. But now I tend to put on more formal outfits for video conferences, and sit at a desk where I have my office items."
"Those office elements bring out related behaviors and habits unconsciously. In other words, you are creating a symbolic boundary inside which you are getting into the mindset that you're at work."
Lunch time has become healthier, with more people trying to cook their own food.
That's because delivery food can disrupt their schedules if it gets delayed,... or can make them feel drowsy in the afternoon.
"You move less when you work from home, so if you eat delivery food you feel heavy and often feel drowsy when eating too much. So I tend to eat light food like yogurt."
In line with that, some people set a regular break time for a brief workout.
Parents have also finally found ways to balance childcare and work tasks.
"I work in the morning when my kid is still sleeping... or work during his nap time. When he's awake, I try to use my phone instead of a laptop because he thinks it's a toy, so he tries to play with it."
Others have upped the game to a whole new level,... by creating a professional home-office.
"We rearranged all our furniture and bought some new gear like a web cam and microphone."
"I think we are going to keep this set up after COVID-19 because it could be really efficient when we have kids later."
But experts say the key to staying healthy while working from home... is that you actually get off work at an appropriate time.
That could mean turning off the computer or staying away from the office area.
Lee Kyung-eun, Arirang News.