Monthly spending via mobile food delivery apps increases in S. Korea amid COVID-19
  • 4 years ago
"주요 배달 앱 월 결제액 1조원 이상…코로나 재확산에 더 증가"

Monthly spending on food delivery services using smartphone apps is on the rise in South Korea amid the COVID-19 outbreak.
A sample study by local analyst 'Wise App' shows the total amount spent on delivery services via mobile apps amounted to some 800-million U.S. dollars in July from over 15-million people.
Those in their 20s and 30s made up around 68 percent of all users.
In March, the amount peaked at over 852-million dollars.
But analysts say the actual size of the market is likely to be even greater as the figures only include credit card transactions and not cash or any other means of payment.