Finance Minister heralds sharp increase in gov’t spending based on increasing tax revenues

  • 6 years ago
김동연 부총리 "5년간 세수 예상보다 60조 추가... 적극 재정 나서겠다"

The government will increase spending next year, based on sound tax revenues.
Seoul's finance chief announced at a public finance forum Thursday the plans designed to support growth and create more jobs.
The ministry earlier projected a budget increase of 5-point-7 percent, but now plans to increase spending by a further 2 percentage-points.
Kim Dong-yeon explained, tax revenues will increase by around 53-point-2 billion U.S. dollars over the next 5 years.
He stressed the importance of the government’s role in using the budget to boost the sluggish economy and address widening income disparity.