Moon promise to boost efforts for peace, innovative and inclusive growth in 2nd half of his term

  • 5 years ago
President Moon Jae- in's five-year term officially entered the second half on Saturday,... and today the president himself expressed his resolve to pursue his policy goals for the remainder of his presidency.
He also vowed to 'lower' himself and get closer to the people,... and listen to their needs.
Shin Se-min starting us off.
President Moon Jae-in's resolve for the remaining of his presidency,... is keeping up with utmost efforts to bring peace on the Korean peninsula and boosting innovative and inclusive growth while enhancing the level of fairness in the nation.
Chairing a weekly meeting with his top aides the president called the first half of his term a time of "transformation" and defined the remaining two-and-a-half years a crucial time for both the people and the country.
"In the remaining half of my term, I will lower myself and strive to get closer to the people and their lives. I will handle administrative affairs with grave responsibility and will listen to the public's encouragement and reproach."
He also added that his administration will ramp up efforts to rid polarization and unfairness in society and renewed his promise for a fair nation.
On his peace initiative he said it has reaped miraculous change.
"We are facing a grave historic challenge to eliminate the danger of war from the Korean Peninsula and transform the situation into a new order of peace and prosperity through dialogue and diplomacy."
Although it is still early to be optimistic on the peace process, he said there is no other choice but to continue efforts as they will eventually lead to the dawn of a new peaceful and prosperous Korean Peninsula.
"The Korean leader has a bumpy road ahead,... as a sluggish economic growth, the impasse in inter-Korean peace progress, polarization of society and soured relations with Japan are heavy tasks President Moon has to resolve.
However, he sees the latter half of his presidency bearing fruit by building a nation where people can actually feel the changes.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News."