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2 years ago

Heat and sun to stay through early next week 070519

Arirang News
Arirang News
We'll have to endure some sizzling heat through the weekend. Instead of rain, we've seen lots of sun so far this monsoon season, so let's get a closer look at the weekend weather outlook by going over to our Lee Jee-hyun once again.
Morning again, Jee-hyun.

Yes, we are going to be seeing some sweltering heat on this Friday with a heat wave warning being issued in Seoul. Along with the heat, strong sunshine will blaze down boosting UV rays to very high levels, as well as ozone levels.

Taking a closer look at today's temperatures, Seoul, Daegu, Gwangju and Jeju are starting the day at 21 degrees Celsius, but the readings will rise rapidly.

Get ready for the heat wave... top readings will range from 26 to 34 degrees Celsius with plenty of sun.

The heat is going to persist through early next week with no rain in the forecast until next Wednesday so stay safe.