Moon orders gov't to deploy 'all available resources' to rescue S. Korean tourists

  • 5 years ago
문 대통령-헝가리 총리와 전화통화,... 긴급대책회의 소집

At the nation's top office,… president Moon ordered his government to use all possible measures in helping to cope with the local authorities in drawing the rescue operations in a speedy manner.
Cho Si young tells us more
The situation unfolding in Budapest got the South Korean president to cancel his pre-scheduled luncheon meeting,… and put all his attention on the search and rescue operation of more than a dozen South Korean tourists, still missing from the capsized boat in Hungary.
Presiding an emergency meeting with members of the related ministries earlier Thursday,… the president pressed the importance of handling the deadly accident in a speedy manner.
"I ask that you use every possible means in the search and rescue, in cooperation with the local authorities."
South Korea's top diplomat Kang Kyung-wha is to head to Budapest on Thursday evening to oversee the search and rescue operation and related efforts at the site of the accident.
In addition to the minister and officials, a rescue team from Seoul has also been dispatched to help with rescue efforts. The team includes experienced deep-sea divers who took part in efforts to find and rescue survivors when the Sewol-ho ferry capsized here in the nation 5 years ago.
Calling for a full-scale cooperation with local authorities in the search operations as well as the repatriation of those who died,… the South Korean president got on the phone with the Hungarian Prime Minister,… to which the PM responded that his country will fully back such efforts.
Shin Se-min, Arirang News.