Moon orders gov't to deploy 'all available resources' to rescue S. Korean tourists

  • 5 years ago
문 대통령, "속도가 중요,... 외교채널 총동원" 긴급대책회의 소집,... 세월호 구조 경험 구조대 등 파견

President Moon Jae-in has cleared his schedule to focus on finding and saving the Korean tourists.
He's ordered his government to use all possible means to get them home safe.
We go live to our presidential correspondent Shin Se-min for more.
Se-min what's happening at the Blue House?
President Moon Jae-in's attention is entirely on the situation unfolding in Hungary.
The presidential office told the press corps here that the president held an emergency meeting with the members of the related ministries-- on what the government will do find and rescue the dozens of Korean tourists on that boat.
President Moon calling once again to use all possible means.
Here's the president.
"I am sure measures are being taken, but I ask that you use every possible means in the search and rescue, in cooperation with the local authorities."
The presidential spokesperson explained that President Moon during the meeting highlighted the importance of handling the accident in a speedy matter,... ordering his government to send out a rescue team and the necessary gear to help speed up the process.
"The government, in cooperation with the Hungarian authorities will thoroughly investigate the cause of the accident. I call on the ministries of foreign affairs, safety, defense and the National Fire Agency to devote all their strength to resolving this situation, and supporting victims and their families."
And also from the meeting,... the president ordered the dispatch of a rescue team.
These are experienced rescuers who took part in efforts to save lives when the Sewol-ho ferry sank here in Korea 5 years ago, taking some 300 lives, mostly young students.
The top office added that all developments in the situation are being reported to the president.
So the government is working around the clock to stay on top of what's happening in Hungary and to help with the search and rescue.
Is it safe to say that what the president has ordered is being acted on quickly?
Yes, if you look at some of the orders given and measures already taken,... the South Korean government seems to be pulling all the strings it can to swiftly handle the situation.
There are limits, however, to what it can do because of the distance, the time difference and the fact that it's just been a couple hours since the advanced dispatch team left for Budapest.
But regardless,... Seoul has sent a team that includes a unit with experience in these kinds of rescues,... one of which was the Sewol-ho ferry disaster, as well as the members from the crisis and emergency management center.
So the government is determined to help and do its best to bring the Koreans home safe.
And it is no exaggeration,... given past experiences with ship accidents that the country had seen in the past couple years,... we can see how the local authorities are working to prove themselves that they can handle all things regarding the Korean people.