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2 years ago

Kim Jong-un says he's willing to have third summit with U.S., but isn't holding his breath

Arirang News
Arirang News
Out top story this afternoon.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un appeared on day two of the regime's parliamentary meeting,... sending messages to both the United States and South Korea.
He said he's willing to hold another summit with Washington, but isn't holding his breath,... and called on Seoul to take actions of its own.
Our Oh Jung-hee starts us off.
Up for a third summit with the United States,... but not from a position of weakness.
That's the message from North Korean leader Kim Jong-un,... on day two of the North's Supreme People's Assembly gathering on Friday.
Recalling the Hanoi summit in February,... Kim said he has serious reservations on whether Washington is sincere... in its willingness to improve relations with Pyeongyang.
He also expressed doubts... on whether the time was right to fulfill the North's part of the agreement outlined in the Singapore Declaration -- halting nuclear and missile tests and repatriating the remains of America's war dead.
Kim stressed that he was "very displeased" with Washington's recent actions... and that the U.S. was midjuging the situation... in thinking the North would cave in to sanctions pressure.
He added... he's not interested in holding another summit with the U.S.,... if the results turn out to be similar to the one in February.
However, Kim added that he and Trump have maintained good personal relations,... and that he's okay with a follow-up summit... if the U.S. can reach a compromise with the North.
Kim said he wasn't holding his breath though... and went on to set a deadline,... stating he'll wait until the end of this year.

The North Korean leader also called on South Korea... to take a more indepedent and proactive stance.
He underscored Pyeongyang's interest in peace and co-prosperity with the South,... but said U.S. missteps and hostile policies remain a barrier.
Kim urged South Korea not to act like a mediator or a catalyst... but a directly involved party that pursues its own national interests -- possibly referring to the resumption of inter-Korean projects.

The North Korean leader viewed that it will take a long time to end confrontation with the U.S. and Washington's sanctions will continue.
Kim emphasized... the North will have to fight sanctions by building an independent and "self-supporting" economy.
Oh Jung-hee, Arirang News.
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